Top 5 restaurants near San Diego Civic Theatre

There is a wide variety of restaurants downtown and in the Gaslamp District within walking distance of the theater.

san diego civic theatre restaurants

La Puerta

In such proximity to the border, San Diego is home to a range of quality Mexican food. For upscale Mexican with music and cocktails, try La Puerta in downtown San Diego.

Tacos El Gordo

If you want a cheaper or faster option, Tacos El Gordo has a range of restaurants and is known for authentic Mexican fast food. Their Tijuana-style tacos are famous all over California.

Grant Grill

Looking for fine dining options in the heart of San Diego? Try the Grant Grill. It’s got a range of fresh meat and seafood dishes, all served in pristine surroundings. Perfect for a pre-opera dinner.

Crab Hut

Crab Hut is a fantastic choice for groups of friends and family. You’ll find generous happy hour menus, a variety of seafood, and beers that flow all night — all with a lively atmosphere.

Donut Bar

Donuts might not always make for an ideal meal — but these are different. Donut Bar in downtown San Diego has a huge reputation for serving some of the best and most varied donuts around. If you need breakfast, brunch, or just a caffeine boost, head here for a donut and coffee.