San Diego Civic Theatre Seating Chart

San Diego Civic Theatre seating chart

The San Diego Civic Theatre has 2,967 seats spread over six sections. There are seating options to suit all preferences. Whether you want to be close to the stage, on the balcony, or need an accessible option, the venue has what you need.

Orchestra Seating

The largest section is on the main floor, known as the Orchestra Section. It has over 1,200 seats arranged in a continental style, meaning there is no middle row. As such, the rows feel incredibly long. Middle seats offer an excellent view, although getting in and out during the performance can be tricky. In this section, there are removable rows and plenty of accessible seats. If you want to get up close and personal, try to find a seat in the front few rows. The most expensive seats tend to be central, a few rows back from the stage.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is located behind the Orchestra Section. While it’s further from the action, it still offers an excellent view and sound. As with the Orchestra Section, front row and central seats will likely cost you more – side and back seats can sometimes offer a bargain.

Mezzanine & Lower Loge

The second level consists of the Lower Loge (side) and Mezzanine (central). The Lower Loge can be difficult to secure, as there are less than 100 seats in total. The Mezzanine offers fantastic views, particularly from the front rows, central areas, and middle sections. In fact, the views from the Mezzanine are so good that prices can be similar to those on the first level.

Upper Loge & Balcony

Right up top on the third level are the Upper Loge (side) and Balcony sections — here, you’ll find cheaper tickets for most shows. The Civic Theatre consistently offers excellent views, so don’t let being up high put you off. If you want to combine a third-level seat with a close-up view, the venue offers binoculars for hire at certain shows.

Accessible seating

San Diego Civic Theatre offers a wide range of accessible seating options. The Orchestra Section, Dress Circle, and Mezzanine all offer extensive accessible seating, while the Upper/Lower Loge areas and Balcony require stairs. You’ll also find accessible restrooms, refreshments, and elevators on all levels. Service animals are welcomed at the theater.