The San Diego Civic Theatre provides comfortable seating for up to 2, 967 people, across 4 stunning floors – the Orchestra, Dress Circle, Mezzanine, and Balcony! Seats are numbered from the middle of the theatre, starting at one and increasing in number towards the outermost edges. You will find even numbers on the House Right and odd numbers on the House Left. Beginning with row A, and in ascending order from the stage, the rows are labelled alphabetically.

Please also be aware that during some performances, if the orchestra is not needed, additional seating will be provided, labelled AA, BB, and CC.

The seat numbering is intuitive and easy to follow, but polite and helpful staff will be on hand should you need any assistance in finding the correct seat. Please ensure that you stay in your pre-assigned seats in order not to cause confusion with the other theatre-goers.

San Diego Civic Theatre seating chart