MJ – The Musical at San Diego Civic Theatre

MJ - The Musical at San Diego Civic TheatreSan Diego will experience the presence of the King of Pop once more as MJ – The Musical arrives on March 5 to 10 at San Diego Civic Theater, California. The ground-breaking musical, which is centered on the 1992 Dangerous World Tour of Michael Jackson, will hit the musical stages once again as we take a look at the rise of Michael Jackson’s career. With the direction and choreography of the Tony Award-winning artist Christopher Wheeldon and Pulitzer Prize awardee Lynn Nottage, MJ will be a mind-boggling experience as the grooves and moves of the late Michael Jackson will touch the performance stages once again for the MJ fans attending. Starring multi-talented artist Roman Banks (Michael Jackson), an eight-show mania will be gifted to California as MJ moonwalks his way to the theaters to give the fans an amazing experience they have never felt before. Secure the dates and grab your tickets now! 

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“The best dancing on Broadway!” – Broadway News

“A riveting adrenaline rush of a show” – The Washington Post

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Experience the magic of the King of Pop as MJ – The Musical drops eight shows in San Diego on March 5 to 10 at San Diego Civic Theatre, California. Watch the moves and the timeless music on the loose as the Smooth Criminal blesses the stages once again for a Hee-Hee experience right off the bat. As the show transcends the fans through time, get ready for a musical ride as the show highlights the evolution and creation of Michael Jackson’s musical mastery turned into a musical.

The 2-hour 30-minute show will commence in this national tour as MJ – The Musical will feature the book by Lynn Nottage that will tackle the moments in Michael Jackson’s preparation for his greatest show in the 1992 Dangerous World Tour. With the leadership of the Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and the story by Lynn Nottage, a bio-musical masterpiece is dropping the thrills as it gives the fans a nostalgic feeling, highlighting the greatest scenes in Michael Jackson’s career. Featuring the greatest contribution of Michael Jackson in music history, including Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and Beat It, the best Michael Jackson experience will be felt in this musical celebration for the King of Pop fans in motion. 

“A jaw-dropping spectacle” – Chicago Sun Times

“Utterly Electrifying” – Chicago Tribune

MJ – The Musical will travel you back to 1992 in the rehearsals for Michael Jackson’s upcoming Dangerous World Tour. MJ The Musical chronicles the remarkable life and achievements of Michael Jackson, tracing pivotal moments that propelled him to the iconic status of the “King of Pop. The musical captures Jackson’s creative process and quest for perfection as he blends songs from the Dangerous album with hits spanning three decades. Amid dynamic rehearsals, he spontaneously adjusts choreography and set lists, occasionally challenging his tour director and manager.

The narrative takes a revealing turn when a reporter and cameraman from MTV seek an exclusive interview, delving into Jackson’s life and artistic inspiration after a 14-year hiatus from in-depth discussions. Reluctantly agreeing, Jackson shares memories associated with the creation, release, and success of his music. As each song is rehearsed, these memories come alive on stage, beginning with his early years leading the Jackson 5 and unfolding through significant moments in his professional and personal journey.

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MJ Musical Cast & Crew

MJ – The Musical will turn the fans in awe as the cast makes a quality rendition of Michael Jackson’s career. Gracing San Diego with eight shows, the remarkable and multi-talented cast will drive the musical show to greater heights as they deliver the best Michael Jackson commemoration in Broadway style. Led by Roman Banks as Michael Jackson, Jay Mackenzie as Jackie Jackson, and Devin Bowles as Joe Jackson and Rob, the following are also grooving the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

The show will also be accompanied by talented swings and ensembles that will enhance the Michael Jackson experience on a roll, led by Kyle Dupree as Dance Captain and Jojo Carmichael as Assistant Dance Captain. The swing cast includes Jahir L. Hipps, Rajane Katurah, Skye Jackson-Williams, Kendrick Mitchell, Zion Mikhail Pradier, Ayla Stackhouse, and Charles P. Way. The ensemble is composed of Croix Diienno, Kellie Drobnick, Zuri Noelle Ford, Matteo Marretta, Chelsea Mitchell-Bonsu, Brion Marquis Watson, and Malcolm Miles Young.

Talented creatives also made the MJ- The Musical more appealing as they weaved the smallest details to perfection for the smooth and beating performance courtesy of Michael Jackson Standards. With the direction and choreography by award-winning artist Christopher Wheeldon and Pulitzer Prize Awardee Lynn Nottage, the creative cast will also composed of amazing talents, including:

“In life, Michael Jakson is everywhere. Played in bars, taxis, on the Tv. I think Michael is absolutely one of those greats who will go on forever”, director and choreographer Christopher Wheeldon said about MJ – The Musical. 

MJ – The Musical began its humble beginnings in 2021, previewing at Neil Simon Theatre in New York. It debuts on Broadway stages in February 2022 after some obstructions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The show bagged multiple awards, including the Outstanding Male Dancer in Broadway Show in Chita Rivera Awards in 2022, Outstanding Orchestration, Lighting Design, Sound Design in a Musical and Wig and Hair Design in Drama Desk Awards in 2022, and Several Tony Awards, including Best Choreography, Best Actor in a Musical, Best Lighting and Best Sound Design in a Musical. Now, MJ – The Musical will put the fans on the dance floor and provide the exclusive story of perseverance and hardships as Michael Jackson walks us through his journey to success and rise as the King of Pop.

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“MJ is one of the best shows ever!” – WGN Radio

San Diego Civic Theater, the home for the musical shows in San Diego, California, will be the fortress of Michael Jackson’s hype as MJ – The Musical drops eight stages on sight. The 2,967 fans will be overwhelmed as the venue, equipped with state-of-the-art sounds and lighting, high-appealing stages, and vibrant ambiance, is completely set for MJ’s best. Beat the quarries and smoothly slide to the ticket booths as MJ – The Musical provides a long-lasting musical cruise courtesy of the King of Pop music. Grab your tickets now!