San Diego Civic Theatre Information

About the theatre

Opened in January 1965, the San Diego Civic Theatre is proudly owned by the City of San Diego, managed and run by San Diego Theatres on the local community’s behalf. Built to seat up to 2,967 patrons, the Civic Theatre has been entertaining locals and travelling visitors alike for more than 5 decades.

The San Diego Civic Theatre is located at 1100 Third Avenue (at B Street), San Diego, CA 92101, in downtown San Diego. Its generous seating capacity of 2,967 makes it one of the larger American performing arts venues on the West Coast, attracting top shows and performers.

The venue is managed by San Diego Theatres. They’re a non-profit organization that provides a range of performing arts shows and experiences in the San Diego area. The Historic Balboa Theatre – located nearby the Civic Theatre – is also managed by the same group.

It’s home to the San Diego Opera, while fans can also see new shows and musical classics year-round. Other regular performers include Broadway San Diego and the La Jolla Music Society.

Types of Events

As well as hosting a vast array of shows, including some of the very best talent in the world. Classical and contemporary music concerts, plays and operas, dance performances, comedy shows and musical theatre; there’s something here for everyone. Furthermore, the Civic Theatre has also played an important role in the community as a meeting place for a variety of functions including religious services, lectures and presentations, corporate meetings, governmental addresses, and inaugurations!

The main presenters and producers of the theatre include the San Diego Opera, La Jolla Music Society, Broadway/San Diego, and the California Ballet.

San Diego Civic Theatre

Theatre history

The San Diego Civic Theatre opened in 1965 and was designed by Lloyd Ruocco, a local architect. But its story goes back further. In fact, the idea of a new theater was proposed in 1962 by Mayor Dail. This was part of a downtown development project that included a new city hall and convention center.

The grand opening took place in January 1965, with a performance by the San Diego Symphony and soloists Dorothy Kirsten and Brian Sullivan. Since then, it has hosted legendary performers like Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, and Luther Vandross. It even hosted the movie premiere of one of San Diego’s most famous cultural hits, Top Gun: Maverick.

The Grand Salon entrance, with its three levels and central chandelier, was finished in March 1966. Until then, it had been left unfinished until it could be funded through donations after its opening. Today, it serves as the largest performing arts venue in San Diego County, hosting Broadway in San Diego, the San Diego Opera, and the California Ballet.