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San Diego Civic Theatre | San Diego, California

Trevor Noah

Comedy vibes are on the rise as Trevor Noah arrives in California for his Off The Record Tour on Sunday, April 14th, at San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego, California. Prepare to be struck by comedic bluffs as Trevor Noah delivers the funny mocks for his 28-city US Tour, giving San Diego a knock of his stand-up prowess. From his back-to-back sold-out shows, the world-renowned comedian will be hitting the live stages to showcase his sharp wits and amazing storytelling that will give a hilarious experience to the fans in attendance. His takes on race, identity, social issues, politics, and complexities of life will be the main focus of the show as the Grammy and Emmy Award nominees' impromptu absurdities put the fans in laughing misery. Get the records straight and be part of the comedic weight as Trevor Noah brings an absolute stand-up experience everyone will never forget. Grab your tickets now!

The humor is here, and no one will interfere as Trevor Noah puts the fans on laughing gear with his Off The Record Tour on Sunday, 14th of April at San Diego Civic Theater, California. Come see the stand-up comedy of one of the best comedians on the planet right now as Trevor Noah treats the fans with his uplifting humor and charismatic stage presence that will leave them in awe.

The first stretch of the Off The Record Tour in 2023 is a huge success, so Trevor Noah will do everything to make it the best as he adds cities for this tour, extending the laughs up to 2024 before going to foreign stages. With his newest commentary about race, identity, social issues, politics, and complexities of life, prepare for a night of just pure fun as Trevor Noah delivers an immaculate comedic experience for fans on the set.

Trevor Noah’s career is rising at an exponential pace as his comedy is now globally recognized and known to be one of the best comedians in the world. From hosting, writing, and stand-up comedy, Trevor Noah is just a hack of nature as his talents are overflowing like his mindful jokes. From hosting the Grammy and Emmy Awards to hosting a Spotify podcast and authoring the New York Times best-selling book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, stand-up as Trevor Noah is now coming to the live stages as his stage presence and comical wits will be showcased on both ends of the venue.

No place other than the San Diego Civic Theater will be the perfect venue for a top-tier comedy venture brought by Trevor Noah’s Off The Record Tour. The combination of great ambiance, amazing facilities, and state-of-the-art lighting and sounds is the real deal for this night of comedy thrills. Witness the exceptional ability of Trevor Noah as he explores the human experience with the comedy essence, leaving the fans laughing and craving for an all-out stand-up comedy sense. Get your tickets now!

Trevor Noah at San Diego Civic Theatre

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