Matt Rife at San Diego Civic Theatre

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San Diego Civic Theatre | San Diego, California

Matt Rife

Comedians are weird people. They are weird, honest, awful, talented, real people. Most comedians have struggled to get where they are. All will turn their personal mishaps into a way to connect with the audience and to make people laugh. That’s a beautiful thing, and it’s even more beautiful to realize that these talented and successful people have the exact same problems you do. So come and see for yourself, and enjoy a laugh or two about issues you have definitely faced yourself!

Have you heard the phrase "Laughter is an instant vacation"? Well that is what Matt Rife is known for. Leave your gripes and worries at the door. There's no better way to de-stress than by lapping up a belly-full of laughs by Matt Rife. The San Diego Civic Theatre has had many comedic legends over the years and it is excited to host a night filled with witty observation and edgy punchlines - Matt Rife will have you falling in the aisles in hysterics. Early ticket bookings also come with a special extra smile. So buy your tickets asap!

Matt Rife at San Diego Civic Theatre

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