Festival of Laughs: Sommore, Lavell Crawford, Bruce Bruce & Joe Torry at San Diego Civic Theatre

Festival of Laughs Tickets

San Diego Civic Theatre | San Diego, California

Festival of Laughs

If you’re looking for an real opinion on your dating life, your social media obsession, your weird habits or literally anything under the sun, a comedian will tell you exactly how and why you’re doing something wrong. Comedians have a hilarious form of honest exaggeration that captures our daily thoughts, and they’ll tell it like it is in a way that paid professional therapists just aren’t allowed to do sometimes. Forget sugarcoating, if you have a problem these comedians will call you out on it, and sometimes that’s just what you need, right?

Life long comedy fan? Not a comedy fan, just fancy having your mood lifted and funny bone tickled? Yeah all that...because guess who's in town Friday 20th October 2023? Thats right Festival of Laughs: Sommore, Lavell Crawford, Bruce Bruce & Joe Torry on another US wide tour for 2023 and coming to your home town to get you giggling this fall! Playing at the smashing San Diego Civic Theatre, California, said to be the best venue in the whole of San Diego! Large capacity, ideal for high profile HILARIOUS events like this, a vast range of food vendors, spacious and comfy seating AND just around the corner from all the best bars and restaurants in San Diego! Be sure to stick this in the diary for October, it's all critics and mags can seem to talk about, so you'll surely not want to miss out on all the commotion and good vibes! Get your tickets today ,simply click 'get tickets' to book yours today!

Festival of Laughs at San Diego Civic Theatre

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